Privacy policy

1. General Information

“Potion Distillery” LTD, registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC number: 207291368, with headquarters and registered address at: Sofia, Sofia District, Stolichna Municipality, Lozenets District, Banat Street No. 11-13, Office 5, email:, web:, (“Potion Distillery”, “Company”¬†or “we”) processes your data as the data controller (“Controller”) within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. This information aims to inform you about all aspects of the processing of your personal data by the Company and the rights you have in connection with this processing. This privacy policy governs the processing of personal data of individuals or representatives of legal entities on our website: (“Website”), in connection with the services provided by Potion Distillery, including those provided through and accessible on the Website.

By using the Website, you consent to the acceptance of this Policy. Access to the Policy is permanent and can be found on the Website.

We collect, process, and store your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. This privacy policy does not affect, limit, or revoke your rights arising from the PDPA or other relevant legislation.

Potion Distillery reserves the right to make changes to this Policy at any time. Any new changes will be published directly on the Website. In case of disagreement with the changes in this policy, you have the right to notify us in writing, after which we will delete your profile. In all other cases, if you do not send an objection, it will be considered that you agree to the changes.

2. What data do we process?

The data controller collects and processes the personal data provided by Users in connection with the use of the website and the conclusion of a contract with the Company, including for the following purposes:

  • Creating a registration and providing full functionality when using the website;
  • Conclusion and execution of distance contracts with or without registration;
  • Individualization of the country according to the contract;
  • Accounting purposes;
  • Statistical purposes;
  • Protection of information security;
  • Ensuring the execution of the contract for the provision of the respective service.
  • Sending a newsletter upon expressed request;
  • Conducting a survey regarding user satisfaction with the website usage;
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations;
  • Detecting and resolving technical or functionality issues, developing and improving the website’s operations.

The data controller adheres to the following principles in the processing of personal data:

  • Legality, fairness, and transparency;
  • Limitation of the purposes of processing;
  • Compatibility with the purposes of processing and minimizing the collected data;
  • Accuracy and timeliness of the data;
  • Limitation of storage with regard to achieving the purposes;
  • Integrity and confidentiality of processing and ensuring an appropriate level of personal data security.

In processing and storing personal data, the Controller may process and store personal data for the purpose of protecting the following legitimate interests.

Types of personal data that the Controller collects, processes, and stores:

  • Name and surname;
  • Email address;
  • Gender;
  • Address;
  • Phone number;
  • Other contact details.

The Controller provides Personal Data to users’ partners for the purpose of delivering ordered goods, for the purpose of accounting services for user requests, the enforcement of legal claims, and/or obtaining other services or consultations.

The Controller does not foresee the transfer of personal data of users outside the territory of the European Union.

When registering on the website using the option to register through user accounts on social networks, the Controller will receive information about the users’ profiles in those networks. The Controller is not responsible for the information available in these networks.

Information about Your Device

When you visit the Website, our servers automatically record and analyze technical data. These include your IP address provided by your Internet service provider, information about the Internet browser you are using, the Internet site that brought you to us, as well as the date and time of each visit. This data is anonymous and cannot be associated with a specific person.


The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They allow the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as username, language, font size, and other display settings) for a certain period of time, so you don’t have to enter them every time you visit the site or navigate from one page to another.

With the help of cookies, the web server can store the preferences and settings of the user’s computer, mobile phone, or other device, which data is automatically restored during the next visit. Cookies are used, among other methods, to improve the user experience, such as avoiding the need to repeat the login process during subsequent visits.

For more information, see Cookie Policy section below.

Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

Potion Distillery may disclose your personal data only in the following cases:

  • With your explicit consent
  • To government authorities, institutions, and individuals to whom we are required by law to provide personal data;
  • When it is necessary to protect your security and/or safeguard significant public interest;
  • To individuals who, by assignment, provide support for software and hardware used for processing personal data;
  • To third parties working under a contract with Potion Distillery who may assist in the provision of Potion Distillery’s services.

Employees of Potion Distillery

Our employees and partners have access to your personal data for the purposes of maintaining the Website and its services, but they are bound by an obligation of confidentiality regarding the data they have access to in connection with the performance of this activity.

Our employees and partners are duly informed of the importance of their obligation to maintain confidentiality and are responsible for fulfilling this obligation. In the event that Potion Distillery may is required to disclose your personal data to third parties, we will take necessary actions to ensure that these third parties comply with the policy for protecting your personal data during their processing and storage.

Purpose of Processing

Potion Distillery processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To visit the Website, register a profile, and, with your consent, receive notifications and information about the Website and our services. If you do not wish to receive such messages from us, you should inform us during registration or at any time thereafter;
  • To establish contact with other users after obtaining your explicit consent;
  • To provide, maintain, protect, and improve our services, as well as to safeguard the security of the Website and our users;
  • For other purposes allowed by law in connection with the quality performance of all current and future services on the Website;
  • To contact customers with whom Potion Distillery may potentially enter into relationships.
  • Storage and archiving of information;
  • To perform verification and provide a response to inquiries, recommendations, complaints, or grievances submitted by you;
  • To send you information, in paper or electronic form, regarding the services you have used on the website or contractual relationships with Potion Distillery;
  • To establish and protect the legal interests of Potion Distillery;
  • To fulfill a legal obligation. Such obligation may include providing information to the Commission for Personal Data Protection, the Commission for Consumer Protection, the authorities of the National Revenue Agency in connection with obligations Potion Distillery arising from the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code, the Accounting Act, etc., providing information to judicial and investigative authorities when we are legally obliged to do so.

For any other purposes not explicitly mentioned in this policy, we will seek your explicit consent, and we will identify our partners, as well as the purposes for transferring and sharing data.

3. Where and for how long do we store your personal data?

Your personal data that we collect is stored on protected servers located in the territory of the European Union. We implement appropriate technological and organizational measures necessary to protect your personal data and ensure the appropriate level of protection that guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the data, preventing its destruction, loss, unauthorized alteration, or unauthorized disclosure of personal data.

As a rule, we store your personal data as long as you have an account on the website. You can always request us to delete specific information or close your account, and we will respond to this request by retaining certain information even after the account is closed if applicable legislation or legitimate interests require it.

4. Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the legally recognized right, free of charge, to object to the processing of your personal data at any time. This right applies to both complete erasure and specific purposes or actions related to the collection, processing, and sharing of your personal data by sending a specific request to us at the following email address:

In relation to the above, regarding your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • To obtain access to your personal data and information of the type included in this privacy policy concerning the respective data. You may request information from Potion Distillery about whether and for what purposes we process your personal data by submitting a written request in free form and text.
  • To request the deletion, correction, or blocking of your personal data, except in cases where we are legally obliged to retain it.
  • To object to Potion Distillery at any time regarding the processing of your personal data.
  • To withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data when such processing is based on your consent.
  • To request the transfer of your personal data to another administrator.
  • To file a complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection as follows: Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP), address: Sofia 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd. No. 2,, phone: 02 915 3 518.

Changes to the Policy

Potion Distillery will regularly update this privacy policy to implement the most up-to-date measures for protection and compliance with applicable regulatory acts. You will have continuous access to the current version of our Policy in order to stay informed.

List of attachments:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of information that a web server sends to a web browser, allowing the server to collect feedback information from the browser. Users can choose to delete cookies through the options in their browser. The cookies used by the Administrator are related to the functionality of the website, the efficiency of the website, and those that allow user preferences to be remembered. More information about cookies can be found at:

What are web beacons?

Web beacons are files that allow a website to collect information about the number of users who have visited it and access their cookies. Cookies enable the recognition of the user’s device and customization of the website’s content according to their preferences. More information about web beacons can be found at:

What types of cookies does the website use?

In principle, our cookies serve two different functions:

a) Performance and Functionality cookies (third-party cookies)

These cookies are used for other important functions, such as:

  • Recognizing you when you return to our website or use our services;
  • Remembering your user preferences;
  • Gathering information about how visitors use our site to maintain it in the best and most useful way;
  • Supporting other auxiliary functions.

If you delete these cookies, our platform will have severely limited functionality and may not operate correctly or provide you with a good quality of service. These cookies are only used after obtaining your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, and the withdrawal will not affect the lawful processing of the data up to that point.

b) Third-party cookies for counting visits

We use several external services that may also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The information in them is anonymized. The purpose of these external services is to anonymously count statistical information about the visits to our site, so that we can monitor the effectiveness of our services and improve them. The external counting services we use are:

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Third-party cookies for advertising purposes

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Third-party cookies for functionality

Some cookies arise in connection with third-party tools that we have integrated into our platform. For example, Google APIs (“View on Map,” etc.) may create cookies to function properly. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. We cannot provide a technical option to disable them. Therefore, if you do not want them to arise, you should not use the aforementioned external tools integrated into our platform.

Do we have third-party cookies?

We use or allow third parties to use cookies on our site that fall into the three categories mentioned above. We may use third-party cookies to help us conduct market research, improve functionality, and monitor compliance with our rules and conditions.

Why are cookies important?

Cookies help in using the site, creating a specific pattern of user preferences and interests. Therefore, disagreement or deactivation of cookies may cause the site to not function correctly.

Does the website use cookies that contain personal data?

In and of themselves, cookies do not require personally identifiable information to be used and most often do not identify the individual internet users. The cookies on the website collect only the IP address, which is used for statistical location data and security against hacking attacks. These IP addresses are encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized access to them. The cookies used by the website do not contain any other data that could identify a specific user.

How to disable cookies?

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If the user has disabled cookies from the website, the Provider does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website.

By clicking the “Yes” button on the age verification screen, you consent to the use of all cookies on the website, including those that may collect personal data for the purposes specified in this policy and the general terms and conditions. You can delete this website’s cookies in your browser’s history page at any time.