Our Journey

Potion Distillery was born as an idea in 2019, but the actual work on bringing it to life began in 2023. We embarked on a journey that very few have attempted, and even fewer have completed, which is to open a distillery in Bulgaria. Not just another distillery, but a micro-distillery in the heart of Sofia.

The road ahead of us is long and filled with battles. There will be dragons and titans that will challenge us and put our determination to complete our quest to the test. Nevertheless, we shall pursue our dreams and push forward.

The production and bottling of our first batches of Health Potion and Mana Potion craft gins was outsourced to a licensed distillery. This collaboration was instrumental in assisting us during the hardest of times, especially when we were just starting out. The debut of both gins was at the Street Gin & Prosecco Festival 2023 in Kapana, Plovdiv.

The Potion Distillery Bar
The Potion Distillery Bar

We are taking a new and modern approach towards crafting gin. The “new style gin” shifts the focus away from the traditionally dominant juniper flavour, instead highlighting the supporting botanicals and giving them a prominent role on the flavour stage.

At Potion Distillery, we emphasize on quality and strive to do things the right way. We refuse to make compromises when it comes to the ingredients and production processes we use. Our commitment to honesty and transparency allows us to share our passion with everyone interested in our craft.